Saturday, 4 December 2010

OK you can go now!

I really love snow, I do, honestly I have had enough of it.
Yes, it is beautiful, clean, scunchy is great for sledging and snowman building and icicle watching but now it needs to go. I have, like countless others around the UK spent this last week clearing snow, slipping in snow, clearing cars of snow, driving with my heart in my mouth in snow, clearing up after snow escapades, been unable to get the food shopping I would like to because of snow, waiting for the text to say Sarah has a) got to school safely walking through the snow or b) got home safely walking through the snow. And now, I want to feel safe when I walk along the streets, get my daughter to school, let the cats out, get some decent food in, not feel cold all the time!
Please, someone send some warm weather fronts over - maybe a little bit of heat from the Ashes matches? maybe?
On a brighter note, it does seem to have brought out the better side in people - much more smiling and helloing, helping push cars, clear paths, open doors, or oops! are you ok there, do you need a hand? isn't this awful, great, beautiful? It seems the adverse conditions has got perfect strangers talking to each other - marvellous!
I caught a bus home last night that I don't normally catch, the driver assured me he went near the bottom of my road and off we went on a magical mystery tour! I have to tell you he was dressed in a bright red Santa suit and everyone who got on or off the bus, had a chat or a quick joke with him or anyone within earshot - nearly everyone on the bus was smiling! The children thought it was great! I did wonder if I was being whisked away to the North Pole to be a helper, but no such luck! and....I have to admit to feeling a little sad to get off at my stop 'Here we are Pet!' and step into the dark, cold and slippy street and leave the 'Happy Santa Bus' and all it's warmth and humour!

Here are some photos from my week of snow

Part of the walk to Sarah's school at approx 7.30 am Thursday morning.

View accross the other side of the field, same time, same morning.

The milk wearing its' hat! Bring back memories for anyone?

The Knit Studio Friday morning.

Fire Watching!

Did you say something?


  1. Oh, I'm with you - the long dressing up routines, the slow roads, the ginormous icicles hanging from the roofs. I quite enjoy the cold weather, except for the piles of snow along the roads and abandoned cars.

  2. Yes, it is very tiring to cope with the snow all the time. (But I'm still enjoying it - haven't driven for 11 days, though.) These photos are beautiful and the last two are my very favourite ones. I think we should try to be more like cats, who are always incredibly accepting in adversity, and who are total hedonists when things are good!

  3. Goodness we were talking about freezing milk bottles just the other day - memories indeed - although milk bottles can only be discussed in the context of not only freezing but blue tits!

  4. I know what you mean, I love snow but after someone drove into my front gate and smashed it, killing my favourite rose and then another person drove into y's time for a little gritting by the council. What do we pay council charges for?? any ideas??

  5. Frozen milk! In bottles! that's something I haven't seen for far too long. We get our milk delivered still but it comes in plastic cartons just like the supermarket. I wish it came in old school bottles that I could rinse and return on delivery...that was a good system.