Thursday, 30 December 2010

Fenwicks Christmas Window

Every year Fenwicks put a very special display in their windows - The Christmas Display! Over the years with both Euan and Sarah we have always made special trips to see it, and gaze in wonder. Not so, this year, children growing up, hardly ever in town together has meant that today was the first time we had seen the display for 2010.
The link above is to a lot more photos but the little creature below was my favourite! A bit like me doing my Spring Cleaning!

and another, beacause she moved!

She is very sweet, isn't she?

Also on our walk tonight - the trees in Old Eldon Square - very twinkley!

And finally, because I love this tree, and I love the Blackfriars area, and The Knit Studio - The Walnut Tree - all dressed up for the festivities.

My challenge tonight, is to finish something I am knitting in order to start the New Year with a New Project!
Tomorrow I shall be sewing up a couple of projects (fingers crossed) and that will mean I will end the year with empty needles. Actually, as I write that I can't quite believe it - I may use part of my spare time tomorrow just to double check project bags etc for forgotten items! Wish me luck!!


  1. Oh Anne I'm so glad I found your blog.I always come over to Newcastle to see Fenwick's bu sadly this year my best friend suddendly died...We always did our minicruises together...
    Thanks for the photos...
    Hugs from Amsterdam

  2. Have a lovely New Years eve dahlink, thinking of you.

  3. Dear Anne,
    Wow you have been busy knitting recently! I was so sorry to read that your parents won't make it. But I hope you all have a good fresh start to the new year. I take my hat off to you for finishing all projects before midnight tonight - if I tried to do this I would surely get repetitive strain injury! The mouse in the window is enchanting, as well.
    All the very best to you and your family for 2011. We hope to pay the Knit Studio a visit!