Wednesday, 29 December 2010

It's Official, sadly...

After, yet another long conversation with my mum, we have decided it would be best if they do not attempt to travel North until the New Year. This makes me sad for a number of reasons, I miss them, and Christmas just has not been the same, at all, without them. BUT we have been and still are, chez moi, ill with colds, flu, runny noses, hacking coughs and not really a suitable environment for OAP's (sorry mum and dad)! AND mum and dad are not in the best of health just now, and really, we have made the best and most sensible decision. BUT this does not make me feel any better, or make me miss them less, and now I have to break the news to Euan and Sarah - who for the first time have experienced Christmas and Sarah her Birthday, without the comforting presence of the Grandparents!
Maybe I feel their absence more because I am not 'myself' and usually, mum takes up the reins in these situations - you know - 'It's ok, I can do that. You sit down, I'll get you a cup of tea, medicine, Lemsip etc'. and I could sit back in the knowledge that it would all be alright.
Anyway, enough of this self pity! On the plus side it means that when they do come up, the weather may be better, we will all be germ free, the crowds and tourists will have gone from our usual haunts. and.....having missed them so much, we will appreciate their company much more. Bring on 2011!!!!
I have now, placed their suitcases out of sight as just a glimpse of them brings on sadness! (We arrange for the luggage to be collected and delivered here so that mum and dad travel luggage free!) I may have to return the cases though, as according to dad all his 'best' clothes are in them and he's doing a good impression of Compo from Last of the Summer Wine!

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