Tuesday, 28 December 2010

More Knitting!

At the end of every year it has always been a family tradition to tidy up, finish off projects, change the sheets on all the beds, and generally get ready to herald in the New Year!
In keeping with this, I am posting more photos of projects that have been completed over the last few months and....I have actually been adding them to Ravelry too! Go me!

Blossom Flower - Crochet Gift - Kidsilk Haze Stashbuster

Blossom Flower - Crocheted Gift - Regia Sock Stashbuster

Blossom Flower - Crochet Gift - Kidsilk Haze Stashbuster

Citron Shawl for Me - circa Oct 2010

Fingerless Mitts - Pattern for new yarn at The Knit Studio

Marvin, the Festive Bunny Nugget who came all the way from Canada! (thanks Glenda) with Robbie the Robin and Snowman Sam, two Christmas Workshop Projects for 2010

Snowman Sam - outside the Knit Studio December, 2010

Robbie the Robin 
Fooling around in the trees outside The Knit Studio

And for those of you who were wondering.... the Seasonal Challenge package contained a wheel of unspun Icelandic - any suggestions/help on a postcard to........
I will need to get my serious thinking cap on to decide what to do with it!

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