Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas Plans Thwarted

Yes, I know, it has been a while since my last Blog post! Things have been quite hectic here, and things are NOT going according to plan!
I spent a fab day in Edinburgh last Tuesday and met up with Lindsay, who lives there, and Janice from Aberdeen. We had a great time catching up and had a little 'show and tell' with our current knitting projects.
And after that, well it all starts to go downhill I'm afraid. We have all caught this awful flu' that is doing the rounds, and quite frankly I have felt terrible. One night I did not even knit! so bad did I feel!
We have had incredibly cold temperatures and more snow and it certainly has not put us in the Christmas mood!
The biggest disappointment has been that because of the weather and Rail problems we have been unable to get my parents to Newcastle for the Christmas festivities! Sarah and I left on Tuesday morning and the plan was to meet mum and dad in London then travel back with them later in the evening. However, electric cables across the railway tracks put paid to that. With all trains out of Kings Cross getting cancelled and hundreds of people getiing stranded at Peterborough, who were heading South. Fortunately, I managed to stop my mum and dad making a useless journey to London but we are all, as you can imagine very sad and disappointed. Christmas will not be the same at all, without them.
I know I should think positive, and think well, at least we all all safe in our own homes, and warm and dry and yes, they can still come up early in the New Year but it's not the same is it? Really?
Mum and dad if you are reading this - We miss you already!!
I have more to post, but will do that later when I may feel a) warmer b) more positive  c) find the photos I want to upload.

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  1. Oh No!!!!!!!!!!!!! and here I am thinking you are cosy on sofe with Mum drinking mulled wine and eating chocolate whilst knitting :-(
    I am so sorry to hear these sad news as I know how much you were looking forward to having your parents with you. Fingers crossed they can make it up to you soon.
    Thinking of you lots...go and pour stiff G&T and think nice thoughts.
    Much love, hugs and xxx