Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Woolfest 2010 Part 1

Ok, here I am just before going into yarn heaven - Woolfest 2010!
Suzanne and I arrived in time to enjoy a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea at the hotel across the road.
Note, I am wearing my Ravelry T shirt and a shawl - can you recognise it?
I have got a photo of Suzanne, but will ask before I post it.

Fenham Frog Rescue Society

On Sunday I spotted the cats looking, with interest into the bushes. When we went to see why, guess what we found? A very cute and frightened frog!
The rescue squad sprang into action, shooed away the cats, caught the frog (after a couple of false starts) and brought him in the kitchen to admire him

Sarah, Euan and I then headed off to Leazes Park in order to set him free. We chose a sheltered green area - took off the lid and he jumped soo high! and hopped off  to freedom. Our good deed for the day!

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Okay, my garden has now had enough rain, thank you! On a brighter note - the heavy and prolonged rainfall meant that I could check that all the serious roof/guttering work we had done actually works. I am pleased to say it does. Those who know me well, will know I have become a bit paranoid about rain and leaking roofs(sp?) because of numerous past events. All is well - no leaks or drips.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Woolfest 2010 Road Trip

Have just returned home from Woolfest in Cockermouth. Am exhausted but excited, saw so many gorgeous yarns and met loads of great people. Won 3 sheep in the Sheep Auction and bought some yarn, of course!
I am going to have a G&T now and will upload my photos later.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Woolfest 2010

Tomorrow, I am off to Woolfest in Cumbria with Suzanne ! I am really looking forward to it - I shall also be meeting Lindsey, from Edinburgh there - we are meeting at the Sheep Auction. (I hope she doesn't bid on the sheep I want!)

An Interesting Kind of Day!

Today I met with a very interesting person to talk about my secret project! Watch this space......
And my friend, and ex next door neighbour Laura came to see me bearing a gift - it's a really cool old fashioned ball winder and it's fabulous! Thank you Laura (photo to follow).
Later today I collected Sarah and 3 friends from school and after tea, dropped them in their finery at The Theatre Royal for their first taste of Opera. They will be watching Rusalka by Antonin Dvorak - not one I have managed to see, but it has a really good story and I am sure they will enjot it. Truth be told, I am a tad jealous!!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Château de St Julien l’Ars

Photos of our fantastic week here Photos   Enjoy! Check out the yellow snail - most peculiar!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Kangaroo French Workshop

My home for the week!

I have just returned from a fantastic week in France! Heike and I had a brilliant time - did not do that much knitting but - made lots of new friends and ate far too much good food! I am already missing the company...