Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Bank Holiday Road Trip

Normally, on a Bank Holiday, I am one of those people who stay home and far away from traffic jams and queues. Not so, yesterday, enticed by a posting on Ravelry, Sarah and I headed North to Scotland, on a yarn related Road Trip (naturally)!
We travelled up the A1, destination St.Abbs, which is just inside the Scottish borders near Eyemouth. Woolfish were having a St Abbs Wool Festival! How could we resist? The sun shone for us, the roads were pretty clear and the journey was definately worth it. What do you think?

The Wool Festival was held in the Church Hall, which was decorated with colourful bunting on the outside and full of yarnie goodies on the inside.
We had a great time browsing amongst the fabulous selection of yarns and accessories. Sarah has obviously inherited my talent for spotting yarn with cashmere content at 40 paces! We also enjoyed some home baked goodies including cream cakes and scones. Perfect!

Sarah, enjoying the sun and fine views. After lunch, we headed off up the road to have a look in the actual Woolfish shop. Have you been? It's an Aladdin's Cave full to the brim with yarns, buttons, patterns and garments.
A fine day out!

Friday, 27 August 2010

A Snapshot of My Life, so far, this week.

It has been yet another, crazy, busy, brilliant, interesting and action packed week!
Here are just a few of the Highlights.
Sunday - Got to spend some time in the neglected garden.

Monday, had time to admire flowers from Wales - thank you Wise Owl!
and caught up with another delivery from The Natural Dye Studio amongst others!

On Tuesday, I welcomed visitors from Wales and America to The Knit Studio! Heike, one of my bestest friends and a talented workshop tutor brought 2 of her friends to visit for the day - they drove all the way from Wales to see me! I don't think they realised they would get roped in to help! It was a pretty crazy day as I was also lucky enough to be visited by a group of knitting and crafting ladies from the US who were in Newcastle for the day. They were on a Crafting Cruise organised by the lovely Melissa, who very cleverly found The Knit Studio via Ravelry. (thank you Ravelry).
We all had a great day, although I would have liked more time to chat to everyone, but new friendships were made and Ravelry names exchanged. We all drank lots of tea, made by Joan and Donna (thank you) and served in my Nana's best china Tea set! Some ladies even managed to join The Miss Spiritual Tramps Knitting Circle at the Bridge Hotel before they left.
The photographs Heike took are great - please take a look at her great Blog to get a better idea.

Wednesday, was a day of tidying up, catching up on forgotten jobs and frogging knitting done during the previous few nights!

And, a little more worrying, I started to wonder how to use this! Yes, like I need something else to take up my not so spare, spare time! This beautiful spinning wheel has been loaned to me by Sarah. It looks great sitting on the windowsill and can be seen quite clearly from outside. So, on Wednesday I started to leaf through a book on Spinning and daydreamed awhile....

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Busy Busy Busy

This past week has flown by, literally! I cannot believe that is is a week since The Knit Studio opened its ancient doors. I actually managed to sit on one of the sofas and knit a little myself today - perfect.
And, because it is late I shall leave you with this little fellow -

A Hebridean lamb.
and, before you ask - yes, you will find Hebridean Shetland yarn in The Knit Studio sourced via The Wool Shed from a range called Flying Flock.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Preview Night!

Sarah and Euan relaxing after the frantic activity of the last few weeks!

Preview Night was attended by the members of 2 local Knitting Groups - the Centurion Knitters and Miss Spiritual Tramps.
Due to a rearranged appointment at the Orthodontist, Preview Night co-incided with Sarah getting her braces fitted! So, had it not been for the help of a group of close friends who stayed and unpacked yarn, filled shelves, priced items, tidied up, cleaned floors, laid out glasses, put out cakes, baked cakes etc while Sarah and I were away - we would not have been ready. So thank you everyone - I really appreciated your efforts! It looked fantastic when we got back!
Naturally because I was a tad 'stressed' I completely forgot to take any of my own photographs apart from the one above, and a little while later of this....

The Knit Studio's first Knitting Group - hooray.
If you head on over here you can see the photos that Meriel took of the evening (thank you)!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Perfect Doorstop for a Knitter!

I was going to post about the fantastic Preview Night at the Knit Studio and about my first day of business on Saturday BUT it is late - I am tired - I will do it tomorrow.
Meanwhile I leave you with this - Perfect Doorstop for a Knitter - available exclusively at .......yes, you have guessed it! The Knit Studio!!!!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Fantastic Photographs

I have just clicked on a link and looked at some brilliant photographs taken by the talented Brenda.
I love them - they have managed to capture The Knit Studio 'feel' perfectly!
Click Here and have a look.ETA If you click on the Blue Cat you will find even more photographs! (Thanks Dad - Doh!)
Thank you so much Brenda - we love them.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Yarn, Boxes & Decisions

Another interesting day at the Knit Studio! Moving yarn, opening boxes, attaching stickers and labels! Arranging, moving, putting back, arranging some more!
Anyway, before I go to bed here is another picture for you.

It's the Fabric corner!
There are so many lovely colourways, and they look so nice on the shelves that, I can't quite bring myself to open the packets!! I know, sad....

Monday, 9 August 2010

The Knit Studio Arrives!

Finally, and thank you for being so patient - here is the Secret revealed!
Here is the Press Release!!

Announcing the arrival of a unique Knitting destination
in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Opening Saturday 14th August, 2010 10.00 – 4.30

The Knit Studio is a brand new and exciting Knitting destination located in the heart of the City. You will find us inside the historic 13th Century Blackfrairs Priory buildings and nestling behind The Gate Complex. We are proud to be continuing the tradition of over 500 years of Craft Workers in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne.

We are delighted to be stocking some of the best knitting yarns from brands based in the UK, including Rowan, Colinette, J.C Rennie, Natural Dye Studio, Flying Flock from Shetland and Nude Ewe. Other selected ranges include Adriafil, Zauberball, Regia and Jawoll sock yarn, Lang Alpaca, Gedifra and Artesano. British sheep breeds include Shetland, Blue Faced Leicester, Manx and Hebredean.

Come and see our wide range of knitting accessories which include Lantern Moon, Brittany Birch and new to the North East – Boye coloured needles from the USA! Browse through our extensive selection of books, magazines and patterns. Check out our interesting and eclectic range of fabric, including Amy Butler and Moda. We have an exciting programme of Workshop subjects planned with well known tutors, designers and authors.

August opening times Thursday 12.00 – 20.00 Friday & Saturday 10.00 – 16.30

The Knit Studio, Blackfriars, 6 Friars Green, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4XN

theknitstudio@gmail.com for more details

And here are a few photos of the work still in progress!

Look it even has a place for outdoor knitting!

Bits and Pieces in the window

Oh look - I spy some yarn from the Natural Dye Studio - heaven!!

Please come and visit I would love to see you and hear your comments!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Almost There!

I am now officially, excited! The not so secret, Secret Project is finally beginning to take shape. Most of the cardboard boxes have been emptied, most of the painting has been done and it's almost time for The Announcement. I have set a date, and just need one phone call tomorrow for confirmation and then all can be revealed. In the meantime - here are a couple more photographs to keep you going.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Previously Last Week

I forgot to mention that, earlier last week we had visitors to stay. Friends of Sarah, Holly and Emma live in Nottingham now and we do not get to see them all that much. However, Holly and Sarah are enjoying a pen friendship (running alongside the usual text messages and facebooking) that has impressed even me (aka Campaigner for the Continuation and Preservation of the Handwritten Letter or Card).
They arrived on Monday, and with Sarah's help this is what we were doing on Monday night.

Sarah and Holly aare knitting beaded bracelets, and Emma (on the left) is doing her first bit of real knitting. Well done girls!
On Tuesday we went to Wallington Hall, unfortunately we chose the only time the Hall is closed to the public! but we still enjoyed the grounds, play area, ice cream and trees!

on Wednesday we caught the train to Edinburgh - a first trip to Scotland for Holly and Emma.

I have to say, I really love to visit Edinburgh and travelling by train to get there is a great way to really appreciate the scenery. True to form (for me) it was raining when we arrived - but, as the photograph shows the sun finally shone for us.