Friday, 27 August 2010

A Snapshot of My Life, so far, this week.

It has been yet another, crazy, busy, brilliant, interesting and action packed week!
Here are just a few of the Highlights.
Sunday - Got to spend some time in the neglected garden.

Monday, had time to admire flowers from Wales - thank you Wise Owl!
and caught up with another delivery from The Natural Dye Studio amongst others!

On Tuesday, I welcomed visitors from Wales and America to The Knit Studio! Heike, one of my bestest friends and a talented workshop tutor brought 2 of her friends to visit for the day - they drove all the way from Wales to see me! I don't think they realised they would get roped in to help! It was a pretty crazy day as I was also lucky enough to be visited by a group of knitting and crafting ladies from the US who were in Newcastle for the day. They were on a Crafting Cruise organised by the lovely Melissa, who very cleverly found The Knit Studio via Ravelry. (thank you Ravelry).
We all had a great day, although I would have liked more time to chat to everyone, but new friendships were made and Ravelry names exchanged. We all drank lots of tea, made by Joan and Donna (thank you) and served in my Nana's best china Tea set! Some ladies even managed to join The Miss Spiritual Tramps Knitting Circle at the Bridge Hotel before they left.
The photographs Heike took are great - please take a look at her great Blog to get a better idea.

Wednesday, was a day of tidying up, catching up on forgotten jobs and frogging knitting done during the previous few nights!

And, a little more worrying, I started to wonder how to use this! Yes, like I need something else to take up my not so spare, spare time! This beautiful spinning wheel has been loaned to me by Sarah. It looks great sitting on the windowsill and can be seen quite clearly from outside. So, on Wednesday I started to leaf through a book on Spinning and daydreamed awhile....


  1. Ooh, that's my old wheel that Sarah bought from me! I love the look of it in your window.

  2. We loved being with you on such a great day. Well done and hope to see you again soon xx