Sunday, 1 August 2010

Previously Last Week

I forgot to mention that, earlier last week we had visitors to stay. Friends of Sarah, Holly and Emma live in Nottingham now and we do not get to see them all that much. However, Holly and Sarah are enjoying a pen friendship (running alongside the usual text messages and facebooking) that has impressed even me (aka Campaigner for the Continuation and Preservation of the Handwritten Letter or Card).
They arrived on Monday, and with Sarah's help this is what we were doing on Monday night.

Sarah and Holly aare knitting beaded bracelets, and Emma (on the left) is doing her first bit of real knitting. Well done girls!
On Tuesday we went to Wallington Hall, unfortunately we chose the only time the Hall is closed to the public! but we still enjoyed the grounds, play area, ice cream and trees!

on Wednesday we caught the train to Edinburgh - a first trip to Scotland for Holly and Emma.

I have to say, I really love to visit Edinburgh and travelling by train to get there is a great way to really appreciate the scenery. True to form (for me) it was raining when we arrived - but, as the photograph shows the sun finally shone for us.

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