Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Bank Holiday Road Trip

Normally, on a Bank Holiday, I am one of those people who stay home and far away from traffic jams and queues. Not so, yesterday, enticed by a posting on Ravelry, Sarah and I headed North to Scotland, on a yarn related Road Trip (naturally)!
We travelled up the A1, destination St.Abbs, which is just inside the Scottish borders near Eyemouth. Woolfish were having a St Abbs Wool Festival! How could we resist? The sun shone for us, the roads were pretty clear and the journey was definately worth it. What do you think?

The Wool Festival was held in the Church Hall, which was decorated with colourful bunting on the outside and full of yarnie goodies on the inside.
We had a great time browsing amongst the fabulous selection of yarns and accessories. Sarah has obviously inherited my talent for spotting yarn with cashmere content at 40 paces! We also enjoyed some home baked goodies including cream cakes and scones. Perfect!

Sarah, enjoying the sun and fine views. After lunch, we headed off up the road to have a look in the actual Woolfish shop. Have you been? It's an Aladdin's Cave full to the brim with yarns, buttons, patterns and garments.
A fine day out!


  1. Sounds as if you had a great time and must have been lovely to spent time with Sarah on your own before she heads back to school. Love 'The Owl' xx

  2. Ah yes, Brendadada and I went last year. Fab day out. Beautiful place.