Thursday, 2 September 2010

Road Trip Tuesday

On Tuesday, Sarah and I and two of Sarah's friends, Lydia and Robyn headed out for the day to Barnard Castle - another Road Trip!
This was actually prompted by my need to view some items due for Auction at Addisons. Addisons is one of the few Auction Houses that actually photograph every item in their sales - but, like yarn you need to see it and touch it before buying (or bidding) really. Hence, the day out. From a list of over twelve items, I left bids for only four. I have to wait until tomorrow to see if I was lucky or not!
Barnard Castle was at it's best - sunny, busy, bustling and market day. We had a spot of lunch at Penny's, on the main High Street, and then sat in the sunshine with our ice creams - just like real holiday makers! The best part of the trip, however, was finding this hidden treasure - a lovely little shop, full of quirky hand crafted items, vintage cups and saucers, felted slippers, jewelry and cushions..... the list is endless. If you ever visit Barnard Castle make a stop here -
My Generation (the only link I can find is a facebook page, but it does have address and opening details).

Still on the subject of Road Trips - when we were at St.Abbs on Monday I took a little creature with us for the day. He was made for a friend as a Thank You gift, but we felt he needed a day out before his 'adoption'. I am pleased to say, he is very happy in his new home, and has even got a companion!!

Ollie at St.Abbs, enjoying the view.

I couldn't post a photo before because he hadn't been 'gifted' and I did not want to spoil the surprise.

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