Sunday, 19 September 2010


What a very busy week! I think I have travelled over 1000 miles this week and it is GOOD to be home.
I have visited Create in Ilkley, Liss Wools in Liss and Kangaroo in Lewes (see side bar for links) and as always, had a great time, met some lovely ladies, chatted, tutored, crocheted and knitted.
On Friday, I took mum and dad to Eastbourne Marina where we enjoyed the last of the summer shunshine whilst enjoying the view.
My drive home today, was, for once, without incident and it took only six and a half hours. I did feel sorry for the people stuck in the huge traffic jam leaving Newcastle on the A1, that I passed in the way. Especially as I guess most of them had been taking part in The Great North Run - congratulations and well done to all participants. I always have a huge admiration for everyone who takes part in this, or any other races. Running is not, and never has been my 'thing'! Although if there was a 'yarn bargain' involved I might be persuaded. Seriously though, I have watched with interest the increasing number of runners I have seen, gradually building their stamina and fitness for this race, when driving in or around Newcastle and I salute their commitment and dedication.
Whilst staying at mum and dad's I noticed once again, how, when I stay there I seem to morph into a teenage daughter who has lost the use of her legs! Er dad, I'll have a cup of tea if you are in the kitchen, would you get me a biscuit while you're there??? Are you getting the picture? The long journey home gives me a lot of thinking time - and I shall be trying harder not to be THAT daughter next time I am there.
After reading this Blog, I realised I had forgotten to post a photograph of the only item I was lucky enough to obtain in the recent Auction. It is a beautiful patchwork quilt, in blues and creams, all hand stitched with care. It is in pride of place in The Knit Studio and looks fab - what do you think?


  1. What an excellent addition to the studio, good bidding!

  2. It looks indeed fantastic and this is the perfect place to display it. Glad you made it back in one piece dahlink.

  3. Yes it really does look lovely displayed in the Studio.

  4. That is a gorgeous quilt! Well done and what a beautiful place you have to display it. Glad you're happily back from your travels.