Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Hidden Treasure

Look what I found whilst looking for something else! An almost, ready made blanket. I had gone into the loft to search for a lost file of paperwork and discovered these blanket squares. Perfect, all I have to do now is sew the squares together - in my spare time of course. A couple of years ago I sorted all my stash yarn by wieght and began this blanket using only oddments of Rowan Cashsoft Aran which had been left over from previous projects. Then, I obviously forgot about it completely. This has now been added to the growing pile of things that need sewing up - don't you just love doing that? Not.
Also, when I was at my parents last week, mum handed me a bag of these -

Yes, a huge bag of Granny Squares, crocheted in Rowan Cotton Glace (one of my favourite yarns) and all for me. Thank you mum!
But, dear reader, look closely at the second picture and what can you see? Ends, all needing to be woven in....not my favourite job. Indeed, is it anyone's favourite job? and if it is, can you please call me?
Watch this space for updates of blankets in progress!


  1. I managed to sew the ends in of 3 whole squares today!! Hoorayxx