Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Preview Night!

Sarah and Euan relaxing after the frantic activity of the last few weeks!

Preview Night was attended by the members of 2 local Knitting Groups - the Centurion Knitters and Miss Spiritual Tramps.
Due to a rearranged appointment at the Orthodontist, Preview Night co-incided with Sarah getting her braces fitted! So, had it not been for the help of a group of close friends who stayed and unpacked yarn, filled shelves, priced items, tidied up, cleaned floors, laid out glasses, put out cakes, baked cakes etc while Sarah and I were away - we would not have been ready. So thank you everyone - I really appreciated your efforts! It looked fantastic when we got back!
Naturally because I was a tad 'stressed' I completely forgot to take any of my own photographs apart from the one above, and a little while later of this....

The Knit Studio's first Knitting Group - hooray.
If you head on over here you can see the photos that Meriel took of the evening (thank you)!

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  1. Aw it looks great! I really like the look of those settees. I can't wait to come back and see it again. Sarah and Euan look so grown up too.