Saturday, 30 October 2010

What a Difference

My mum and dad have been staying this week (half term) and have seen The Knit Studio for the very first time. Over the past months they have seen various photos, heard my long lists of things to do and finally....last Monday actually got to see the place! And they love it - as I hoped they would. Over the last few days they have met and chatted to my knitting friends, drank cups of tea, glasses of wine, ate cake and biscuits, compared yarns, patterns and garments. I have really enjoyed having them stay and sharing my place with them.
On the home front, Euan and Sarah have enjoyed seeing their Grandparents and spending some time with them. We even had a family trip to Morpeth on Wednesday. The cats too, have enjoyed their company. Mittens loves my mum and plonks himself on her knee at every opportunity - the only problem with this is : he is 7 and half kilos and a BIG cat and my mum is quite small and cannot move when he is sitting there.
I travel back to Sussex with them on Tuesday to return to Newcastle on Wednesday and you know something? The journey home, alone, will feel twice as long!

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