Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Has Anyone Seen My Elephant?

Yes, indeed. You read the title correctly - one of my elephants is missing! and she is the smallest of the herd and quite easy to miss (apart from being pink, that is).  
Ellie is one of my own patterns and can be found Here on Ravelry.
Originally designed for a Parent and Child Workshop I tutored at The Rowan Mill in Holmfirth - this particular pink Ellie was knitted in Anchor Mercer Crochet yarn on teeny tiny needles. She has travelled the UK and kept me company at my many workshops. Ellie has been missing now for about 3 months - I kept hoping she might turn up - in the house, amongst the stash, in the car, at my mum and dads, at one of the woolshops I visit. But alas, there is no sign ......I may have to knit another. I am sure whoever found her will look after her with care....


  1. hi anne i think i saw her flying past the pub last saturday night, with her being so small i wasn't sure it was her, love as always cousin carolxx

  2. Carol, I think it may be that I saw her flying past the pub the other night too! Love to you too xx