Sunday, 3 October 2010

Finished Objects

I have been knitting up a storm this last week, well only a small storm, but starting and finishing a project (albeit small) does make me feel a whole lot better!
Having seen the Tea Cosy that Alix, from the Knitting Group, brought in I knew that I, too, had to knit one! To add the perfect finishing touch, Alix bought some fantastic, bright coloured buttons for her creation and it was much admired (and photographed).

I present Le Tea Cosy in Autumn Colours - perfect for our grizzly Newcastle days. I had great fun raiding my button boxes.

Knitted in Lang yarn's Mille Fiamme

Talking of button tins - see above - does the noise of buttons in a tin bring back memories for anyone?
As soon as I open a tin of buttons, and we have a few, and give it a little shake, just in case any treasures come up to the surface! I am transported back to childhood! That satisfying noise when you tip them all out and stir them around with your hands - the feel of them as they slip through your fingers. I am whisked back to when I used to play at home, and at my Nain's, and my auntie's houses on the floor with the button tins and......better still.....a tin tray! Can you hear the noise, can you remember it??? Perfect..maybe I need to source a tin tray??


  1. I love our button box. There are buttons in it that were on my baby shoes and others from my father's army uniforms. It is still in use to this day. I'll bring it in to show you sometime. :)

    Love that tea cosy. Must make a tea cosy.

  2. hi anne only talking about button tins the other day & how people don't have them now love your cousin carol x

  3. You are so right! Just thinking back to those days at my grandmother's...ohhhhh what blissful days they were. I think you to have a tray for sure.
    I love the teacosy, maybe I need to purchase the book?