Sunday, 17 October 2010

A Poem

Have you ever noticed that, when searching for one thing you almost always find another, forgotten or 'lost' thing? Today I found this - a poem written by Sarah over two years ago to help while away the 360 mile journey South to see her Grandparents. It made me smile and I hope it makes you smile too!


She's as mad as a hatter
She knits and she natters -
It's hard to believe her brain is made of Wool!
She travels to towns
To relieve peoples frowns -
She is THE knitting guru!
She untangles their knitting instead
Of them sittitting
Reading their patterns again and again.
No tantrums or knitting thrown on the ground
Anything is possible while she is around.
From jumpers and socks
And shawls and tops,
Blankets and cushions are my favourite things.
She is incredibly bright and very polite
And works on her notes very late in the night
To get them 'just right'!

I wonder, I wonder when I'll ever get my jumper?

Sarah M

PS Readers, did you notice the hint?


  1. Hilarious poem - I love the internal rhyme of the last line!

    Did you and Heike consult before writing your most recent posts? If not - spooky synchronicity!

  2. I headed straight over to Heike's Blog and was amazed! It is not the first time we have done something similar! We are more alike than we know, I think. :-)

  3. No kidding!! Da Ja Vu or what? Is it time to get worried? Love Sarah's poem..nail on head and all that.
    Can't wait to see you