Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Workshops 2011


Well, that was a long silence! Must have been being in the close proximity of so many Firemen!
Anyway, apart from trying to recover from illness, getting Sarah ready for return to school, actually reducing my ironing pile from two to only one basket!! The only other, but very significant thing I have managed to complete over the past week is my 2011 Workshop Programme for The Knit Studio - go take a peek, there may be something to interest you!
I have some brand new sewing machines on the way - Heike is returning for Continental Knitting - Hooray! ..... and Emma King and Frederica Patmore - both Rowan Tutors and Designers, are coming to visit! It is all very exciting!



All I need to do now is - add them to the Ravelry Group, print the booklets, do my Newsletter, finish that ironing!!!

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