Monday, 24 January 2011

What Does It Mean?

Yes! It means that tomorrow my parents are travelling from Bexhill to Newcastle! Hooray! We can have our 'real' Christmas Dinner! They can open their presents! They can even open their suitcases and be re-united with their 'best' clothes!
I am so looking forward to seeing them, Christmas just was not the same without them.
So, there has been a lot of activity chez moi, tidying, hoovering and even ironing in readiness for the grand arrival. Even the weather seems to be on its' best behaviour with the forecast promising much milder weather for their stay.

Last week was a bit frantic too - a trip to the passport office in Durham to get Sarah's passport processed for a school trip next month. Her current one doesn't expire until end of March but suddenly it 'needed' to have 6 months validity after the date of departure! Anyway, cue panic photography, finding an available 'professional' person to validate the application form, and queing for what seemed like hours in the Post office to be told it may not be back in time and that I would have to 'Fast Track' the application (also known as let's make your stressful time worse by charging you an extra £40 for the priviledge) Anyway, it's all sorted now and we received the new one within 3 days! Pretty impressive.

Meanwhile, some brand new to the North East yarns arrived at The Knit Studio which meant a bit of shuffling around of stock and of course photographs being taken.(Show and tell to follow).

I have also joined a brilliant group on Ravelry called #11in11. You pledge to knit 11 neck adornments (scarves, wraps, shawls etc) in the 11 months to November, 2011. The only problem with joining the group has been that it has highlighted some fabulous patterns that I would have otherwise not seen and now feel the NEED to knit, crochet and add to my list. My 11in11 looks like it could become 111inwhenever!



  1. yay! glad your mum and dad can finally make it, you sound so excited about it :) Hope you have a fab Xmas dinner in January!

  2. In Germany until Sunday. Great news that your parents are finally coming, have a great 'Christmas'
    Speak on my return
    Love Heike xx

  3. Have a great time with your parents and also good luck with the 11 in 11 - think I'll give that one a miss

  4. I hope you have a wonderful reunion with your parents. Christmas can happen at any time of the year - as Australians and New Zealanders prove. The 11in11 club sounds way too tempting for me to go ANYWHERE near!