Wednesday, 18 May 2011

It's Been A While!

I have just realised that it has been nearly a month since I Blogged! I cannot believe that so much time has passed so quickly. It is nearly June, half way through the year, and all those plans and To Do Lists still sit in my notebooks, patiently waiting for ticks.
When it comes to Blogging, I always want to have great photos, a funny story or anecdote, and something interesting for you all to read when you stop by. Sometimes though, when it is time for me to sit down and relax, catch up with friends' Bogs, Ravelry and answer emails etc all I actually want to do is sit and knit, or crochet! And so, another day or two will pass without a Blog post. So, I hit on this really great idea (or so I thought) create a document, use it as a mini Diary update it every now and then and once a week copy and paste it onto the Blog. Brilliant! I started my 'diary' 2 weeks ago, it was going well, filling up nicely - a trip to Sussex for Easter, Workshops and Events at The Knit Studio, cats being silly, flowers appearing in the garden, lots of great photos - fast forward to last Saturday evening.
Home from a brilliant day at The Knit Studio, prep to do for Sewing Workshop on Sunday and Freeform Knitting & Crochet Workshop on Monday and a Gin & Tonic at hand, perfect. Then, the most awful thing happened - I sat down at my laptop, began to work and poof! it all went blank! Cue frantic checking of cables, plugs, doing a quick bit of dust removal and......nothing, nothing at all. My LapTop est Morte! and it has been a nightmare!
I am using Sarahs' at the mo while she is at school, mine is at the PC Hospital where they fear it is a very nasty Virus and I may have lost it all! Email contacts, photos, documents, workshop notes and lots of other things I can't remember now, but will in the future when I need to find 'that' pattern, or 'that' link! It would also appear that it had been lurking around a while, and all my Backups done in 2011 are corrupted too!
So, if you need to email me please use - if you have sent an email to my btopenworld address please resend to the gmail one, and apologies to anyone who might never hear from me again!
In the general scheme of life, it is not really that bad. There are lots of other things that are much worse that could have happened and that are happening, and at the end of the day I will get through this inconvenience (because that's all it is really) and more fool me for not checking the BackUps were ok and not removing more rubbish from my LapTop. A lesson learnt - the hard way.

Anyway - enough of that.
The other day I came out of the house to see this

I think they are having a discussion about whose turn it is to drive!

And, my mug says it all!

Bye for now........


  1. I so know how you feel dahlink, same happened to me (just not quite so bad) a few weeks back. It is shocking how we have all become so reliant on these d... machines.
    See you Saturday x

  2. So sorry to hear about your laptop! These things happen and you're quite right to enjoy your funny cats and of course Keep on Knitting.

  3. smile Anne it is so frustrating when technology lets you down. Those cats have it right. Find a nice sunny spot and relax. BTW I am fostering a beautiful tabby, she is a gem