Monday, 18 July 2011

Pebbles 2003 -2011

In order to move on with my Blogging I have to write about something that saddens me. But, I need to get past this, so......
Pebbles, our beautiful family pet and feline best friend died last month after a short, sudden illness. For those of you who know me, you will realise this is a kind of double blow, as for more than 8 years I have used his name as my Internet ID on many knitting websites and forums.
Pebbles and his brother Mittens came into our lives just over 8 years ago and gave us so many magical, hysterical, moving, funny and friendly moments. Mittens has suffered his loss too, as they used to eat, sleep and come in and out together, and I think he still looks and waits for Pebbles most days.
Here are some of our favourite photos of Pebbles for you to share our memories.

Just arrived at 6 weeks old. 2003.

Favourite place to sit - approx 2006.

Braving my Radioactive Thyroid treatment approx 2006.

Dining with Mittens.

Wondering when all the snow will go - 2010.

Playing in the snow with my bro'. 2010

Under my umberella - ella -ella.

A cat, a cushion or a cushion and a cat?

Pebbles 2003 -2011

I hope you have enjoyed these photos, they have made me smile as I uploaded them.


  1. What a wonderful tribute to a beautiful cat! So sorry for your loss.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about the death of your cat. Losing a pet is always hard and leaves a big gap. The photos are lovely - he looks very dignified, as cats always seem to whatever it is they are actually doing!

  3. They are beautiful photos Anne, lovely reminders of a special beloved pet.

  4. Oh Anne, that's very sad. Eight is not all that old for a kitty, and losing a beloved cat is losing a member of your family. We used to be owned by two cat brothers who, like your Pebbles and Mittens, were inseparable. They are both now gone to kitty heaven but we've had reason to believe that they still love us and are nearby. More than once, they have come to us in dreams, very comfortingly. I'm sure that Pebbles will be with you (and Mittens) always. Take care of yourself.

  5. Dear Anne, He looks delightful and like he lived a good life with all of you. I am sorry that he is gone.
    Suzie (aka suzenew)

  6. Thinking of you dahlink xx Lovely photos that tell us what a great cat she was, it will be odd when I come next time without here there.
    Good to have you back in 'blogger-land'.
    Hugs and xx

  7. So sorry to hear your very sad news Anne. Loved the photos.X

  8. I lost my cat Pearl two years ago. She was hit by a car outside my house - and it broke my heart!!!!
    The key is to think fondly of Pebbles, spoil Mittens and enjoy his company every day

  9. So sorry Anne to hear about Pebbles! Lovely photos and you will have lovely memories. Take care and I hope I can pop into the studio soon.