Thursday, 14 April 2011

Where Did It Go???

Okay, I have one question and one question only for today - where has the last 2 weeks gone? One minute it was the end of March and now it is the middle of April!!

It might, of course, be the fact that life Chez Makepeace has been extremely busy. Normally, in the evening (usually 9.00pm ish) after all the necessary chores are done, I have 3 choices.

1. Knit/crochet and watch TV
2. Check out Ravelry and all the latest on friends' Blogs
3. Post to my own Blog
No prizes for guessing which numbered choice has been winning lately.

So since my last post we have had Mothers' Day.

My flowers.
I also received a really cool bird feeder, which we have placed closer to the house as I really enjoy bird watching/spotting. I have to admit that when I first saw where it had been placed I thought to myself there is no way any bird is going to use that! However, with the help of Bird Seed with Aniseed generously supplied by my friend (see sidebar for link) we had a result on the first day - brilliant, I love it.
Euan, Sarah and I actually managed to spent the whole day together, managing to fit in shooting a few hoops in the back garden (aka mum trying to show that she has still got some of her old netball skills!) a trip to Tynemouth Market, and a few bargains found. Ikea for lunch and some impulse purchases. Morrisons for essentials and last, but not least Aldi for their 3Bird Roast which is family favourite - have you tried it?

A new pair of shoes provided the perfect place to squash a cat!

Mittens says - You see, I cannot be that big if I can fit into a shoe box!

Oh! I forgot to mention! We had a very special Royal appearance at The Knit Studio Saturday Knitting Group. The Queen! Yes, Her Magister graced us with her presence! Skillfully knitted by Meriel and sporting a very fine pearl necklace and Blue Ensemble. We are all taking bets now to see if Meriel has guessed the right colour of the Mother of the Groom Outfit!

As you can see, I was pretty overcome being so close to Royalty :-)
Photo courtesy of Meriel (Thank you)


  1. The "Queen of the Knit Studio" doesn't look half fine in her Hitchhiker scarf either!!!! Where are you hiking off to then??? Buck-House by any chance to wave to us from the Balcony ;)
    Hugs xx