Sunday, 6 March 2011

Normal Service Resumes!

I bet you were all wondering where I had gone! Well the answer is nowhere really. Except I have been really busy, and life has still got this habit of throwing a few things your way that you had not planned on having to deal with (just yet)!
So today I shall upload a few photos and hopefully from now on I will have the time and inclination to begin Blogging again on a regular basis!

Citron x 2
One knitted by me and one by mum - we both liked the same colour and look how different they appear!

The cats who fight and have a little 'spat' each day,
managed to overcome their differences to hide away here while I was houseworking downstairs!
Mittens to the left, Pebbles to the right.

There has been a spot of Guerilla Knitting at The Knit Studio in readiness for Makers Faire in 2 weeks time!
Look at the fabulous bright colours!

New project, crocheted with new yarn.
It's very bright and not a colour I would normally wear, but it is really cheerful and I love it!

I 'found' these boots (bought over a year ago, and misplaced in the house move etc, and after wearing them around the house to soften the leather)
 I have worn them nearly every day since. Maybe my color preferences are changing??

The day my mum, finally realised that she IS the smallest person in our family!
But, much loved, all the same!


  1. So lovely to have you back in 'blog-land' dahlink, I have missed you.
    Lovely photo of your Mum with Sarah and Euan.
    Catch up soon..must tell you all my news
    Hugs from Wales xx

  2. Love the boots and that crochet shawl is fab.

  3. Good to have you back..missed you lots. Lovely photo of your Mum with Sarah and Euan.
    Lets have a proper catch up soon so that I can tell you all my news and you me yours.
    Hugs xx

  4. Great to see a post from you - and I love your purple boots and the Citron versions! Tell your Mum, good things come in small packages!