Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Cold Hands - Warm Gloves

I don't know about anyone else, I can bear the cold weather if my hands and feet are warm. It has been extremely cold here in Newcastle this week, and with my penchant for losing gloves my hands have been freezing (cue one miserable person!)
So, when I received some fab new yarn in a recent stock delivery at The Knit Studio I knew exactly what to knit!
Now, this yarn is relatively new to the market - 6 projects on Ravelry and is actually sock yarn, but when you look at the ball you would expect it to knit up in stripes. And it does, but not in stripes as I know them! Have a look and you will see what I mean -

Sorry, small pic! Get your magnifiers out!

Interesting aren't they?

Knitted on 2.5mm dpn's - 54 sts - knit every row - thumb opening created the same way as Fetching and knit to fit! Easy! and more importantly warm!
Yarn is Katia Olé Socks Senses - 100g balls - 75% wool 25% acrylic.
When I showed them to Sarah we realised she shares the same 'matching gene' as her Grandma as she said she could not wear them as they did not match! My mum, you see, will wind off the yarn before she begins her second sock in order to match the strips exactly, this trait has skipped a generation and Sarah suffers from it too! This does of course mean I get to keep the gloves!! Hooray!


  1. You had this wool out last time I was in and it's definitely interesting. I think I would want to try and make them 'almost' match. Such a shame as it means wasting yarn. Wonder how it would knit up on a larger piece?