Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Quick Snow Update

Sarah has been sledging with friends today, and on her return made us all laugh with her descriptions of makeshift sledges! Sledges are a very rare commodity in Tyne & Wear and Northumberland at present - with parents scouring shops, department stores and internet sites to no avail.
Enter the North East Inventor, and wonder about the urge to travel down a snow covered hill on anything!
Items used today as sledges - a dustbin, cut in half! a tray, a dustbin lid (sans handle), a suitcase, a For Sale sign, and last but not least, for a very small person - a plastic washing up bowl. No photos I'm afraid, but we will be checking the local press tomorrow.
Can you imagine looking at your suitcases, and trying to decide a) which one you would fit into or b) more importantly, which one would travel faster! Classic Brits!

Today I have also been trying to ensure that this does not happen again!

This was taken in January this year, and although really beautiful could have been deadly to man or beast!
I am, of course, assuming that at some point all this snow will melt! Ha Ha

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