Saturday, 27 November 2010

More Snow

Much to the delight of children and cats - it snowed again quite heavily last night. It is snowing as I write!
I am sitting in The Knit Studio and looking out at this very pretty scene.
The kettle is on, the cups and biscuits are on the table. All I need now are some hardy, intrepid Knitting Group members to join my Winter Scene!
Are you free?


  1. I'm Hardy, but feeling less than intrepid today :( Don't fancy the bus journey in the snow at all this morning. Sorry - have fun!

  2. Anne I will be joining you in spirit today! I've already been out clearing paths, have helped my daughter with maths homework (boo), and once I get a pumpkin pie made, I reckon I will put my feet up and KNIT. Enjoy the snow.

  3. I am...but too far away sadly. Thinking of you though

  4. Yes, I'm Free ! Milk, no ssugar and a Digestive bis-qu-it please.
    Love your snowy tree pic.very evocotive with the picnic table contrast! Qh blythsome Summer where art thou?!
    Enjoyed your cat pictures, nature notes and knitty characters, keep up the good work.

    Love M'nD XX