Tuesday, 30 November 2010

And yet More Snow

Breaking news from Newcastle!! We have had even more snow - my trellis has fallen over with the weight of the snow, the cats are very perturbed and reduced to bunny hopping across the garden, the road outside is sheet ice covered in 4 inches of snow, and total inches fallen is about ten!!! It is absolutely beautiful to look at from indoors but so inconvenient and dangerous for daily life an commuting!
Anyway, enough of the ranting!
Here's a few photos

The trellis to left of this photograph is now broken and lying sadly on it's side. Who knows what will become of the Clematis and Honeysuckle that grew around it!

My One Skien Knits Workshop at the Knit Studio yesterday, went ahead with half of the people booked managed to get through the awful weather! Interestingly, everyone (including me) had brought slippers! A clear indication that The Knit Studio is a home from home!!!

These are the Christmas Robins from the Knit Studio's first ever Christmas Workshop -

Aren't they cute?

I cannot find the photographs of The Continental Knitting Workshop tutored by one of my bestest pals Heike. But you can read all about here and look at the fab pics!
So now I am off to clear the front path of fallen snow - and maybe make another snowman???


  1. Love the Robins, mine are flying to Germany and their new homes at present. Shame about your trellis and I know we have been 'jinxed' many times..here is another:
    Your trellis fell down - someone drove into my front fence and Rose Trellis which is now down...spooky or what.
    Anyhow my lovely, keep warm and get clicking
    Hugs xx

  2. I think we are twins, separated at birth! I hope the Robin will help make your family smile!
    Keeping warm - despite snow which is still falling!
    Hugs back!