Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Over the past month I have been able to step back and spend a little time addressing things (and people) that have been somewhat neglected. My Grandma always said 'Give a busy person something to do and it always gets done'. Not always the case methinks. Give a busy person something to do and it usually gets added to an already enormous list of things to do!!
I have been having a little 'me' time of late. This has given me a chance to see old friends, chat for ages on the phone, and photograph some of my many projects (i am still ignoring the ironing). Who knew that I had knitted not one, but four Ishbels this year!! I have had a couple of hugely enjoyable and interesting woolly related road trips for inspiration and information. But, best of all, I have had time to sit and browse my huge collection of Knitting Books and Magazines. As the owner of The Knit Studio I stock a large, nay ginormous amount of Knitting, Crochet and Sewing books, this means I have unlimited access to them all. What can be better than to browse through beautiful books for inspiration with a coffee, some cake and a very large cat for company?

Ishbel knitted in DK Cotton

HitchHiker knitted in 4ply

Ishbel knitted in Lace Weight

Trial knitted in DK Cotton

Veyla knitted in Angora

Damson knitted in DK Bamboo Cotton

Just a few of this years projects which finally made to the front of the camera!!

And, not forgetting Mittens

Time to advertise for staff I think, then I can enjoy a little more 'me time'!
Applications on a postcard to...........................................


  1. Ooh I wish I could apply!!! Lovely to know you are going to make time for yourself more of a priority. Mittens looks so happy, and your projects are all very beautiful.

  2. Have you warned the post(wo)man, s/he may get a hernia and you may not be able to get the door open for all the postcards behind it!

  3. You are too productive for me! You knit so fast and the result is always terrific!