Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Four C's

Which do you prefer?
Some of the fab cake at Claudia and Dianne's Housewarming Party, earlier today.

Finished cushion covers from last Sundays' Sewing Workshop at The Knit Studio

Mittens, chilling after a hard day....well, chilling.

Sorry I didn't do my homework - the lamb ate my notes!

Hope you are all having a great Bank Holiday Weekend. We have had all seasons here in Newcastle, with sun, rain, hail, winds, frost who knows what is going on! 
Current project on the needles, baby socks and more baby socks for a friend who is expecting twin girls. A great way for me to use up that 'little' bit of left over sock yarn I have in my Stash.


  1. That cat takes the cake, so to speak! Enjoy all your knitting. It's been very cold in Aberdeen and it snowed on Saturday! Keep warm -

  2. I totally fall in luv' for the lamb!!! And for the little chubby kitty!!!
    Rhooo, I'm in luv'... ;-)