Thursday, 22 July 2010

Water and me

Most of my friends will know that, over the years I have been plagued by numerous varieties of 'water' related problems. Ranging from major leaks in the roof, central heating breakdowns, Rayburn blow outs, radiator leaks, bath overflows, car radiators overheating, dishwasher floodings, the list is quite extensive! I have always manage to contain it to things I own or use - alas this trend was not to continue. Last week while combining Workshops and visiting my mum and dad, my little water gremlin decided to come with me! My parents trusty boiler of 20 odd years decided, while I was there, it had had enough! All I can say is British Gas works much better and efficiently in South of England than it does up North! As I write my mum and dad are enjoying the benefits of a brand new shiny and efficient boiler - hooray. You will be interested to know, not content with the mayhem he caused in Sussex Mr Gremlin came home with me and has jinxed my washing machine! The display panel flashes a lovely H2O and a tap!!! and of course, refuses to have anything to do with adding water to the machine. and before you ask - no, my star sign is not a water one!
Anyway, to cheer myself up I was reading my friends' Blog - see here and saw this lovely shawl! I have knitted one myself in Rowan Kidsilk Haze and I love it. Today, quite by coincidence, I received some of this gorgeous yarn

Guess what I shall be casting on tonight?

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