Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Knitting (at last)

Finally, here are some photos of Finished Objects - don't faint!

First up is Celestine, a 12 star dodecahedron. Knitted for Sarah's Maths teacher who left at Easter.
Knitted in Regia 4ply sock yarn - it took less than 50g - a very impressive leaving present.

Next, we have Sarah, modelling a pair of Ripple fingerless gloves. Available as a kit see link below:
Designed for Create  in Ilkley and knitted in their fantastic Ba T'at 4ply sock yarn. Aren't the colours gorgeous?

Euan, modelling Capone, a felted hat knitted in Rowan 4ply Scottish Tweed.
Hats do not suit me, but I love them, Euan is wearing this under duress! Bless....

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