Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Houses and Homes

Our beautiful Edwardian home is back on the market. What this means to me is
a) all my projects have to be tidied away
b) all my stash has to be hidden from view
c) all my knitting books and magazines have to be put back on the bookshelves when not in use
d) my little table which is normally a jumble of needles, yarn, ball bands, notes, scissors, etc has to be empty - nothing on it - at all!

It's a nightmare for a Knitter as you can imagine. The whole thing of keeping a tidy and presentable home whilst working, knitting, designing, relaxing and being part of a very hectic household drives me crazy - just in case you get a phone call from the Estate Agent with those words 'We'd like to arrange a viewing'! I have been known to put my ironing pile in my car just to get it out of the way, how bad is that?
But, it has to go - we need a smaller home - I need to de-clutter and de-stash - and I hate it.
But, it does mean I may get to have a garden again. It will also mean when I get home from my travels I will not feel that all my time is spent IN the house, house working. and there you have it. The living, being, knitting, creating, sitting quietly with one or two cats make it a home - the hoovering, polishing, cleaning, fixing make it a house!


  1. I know several people who have sold their homes and each time it has been a complicated matter with complaints and worries about all sorts of things. But I have to say that not one of them, ever, has mentionned the disruption to their knitting habit! Congratulations on originality and, truly, I hope the eventual sale and move goes smoothly for you.

  2. Hi Anne, just happened on your blog through ravelry browsing! I come from Shotley Bridge but am presently long term travelling with my husband in the US and Canada, currently in Colorado! I hope to read more of your blog as time allows - take a look at our travels on I am just developing my ravelry pages, when knitting and travelling downtime allows!